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Drones were once a luxury production for the biggest brands in the world. It is an excellent time for small businesses to hire drone video marketing to get a chance at capturing some loyal fans from their predecessors.

What to look for in a drone photographer


The FAA requires that uncrewed aircraft have an operating license to capture any public project. The unlicensed photographer will put your company at risk because they do not care about your business name and reputation. We have proper licenses for you to assure your business’s rise with guaranteed success.

Final production

Owning a drone is no indication of quality footage. Be sure to know the portfolio of the photographer so you can learn the expected quality of work. We have a bulk of work you can study to understand how we will match your brand.

Patterns, lines, and geometry are potent elements for the high-flying device. These characteristics interact to allow the pilot to discover the pillar of a thoughtful photograph or video.


Flying a drone is not equal to grasping quality photos. A good drone photographer knows how to control the camera setting for the best lighting, speed, and subject attention. We have incredible stabilization skills and learn how to set up to match its highest engineering quality correctly. The difference in our skill is evident in the smooth and graceful shots that far outdo most photography settings.

Our Boston real estate photographer does not consider the aerial system an afterthought. We have to hone the sophisticated camera so that each shot is in tiptop shape.

Scenery inspiration

There is a massive reason for photographers to use websites that emphasize their photography skills. We need to advertise with photos that appeal to our clients’ niche and always think about the backdrop of images and how they interact with the message at play. It is essential that our pilot layout the land as we encircle the objects of your utmost interest. We will tinker with the distance, height, and surrounding locations until we have the composition to enhance your frame.


Do you realize that photos have a different ambiance depending on the timing? The golden hour will give a soft, tinted yellow or orange ingredient that specializes in visual opportunities. We know the hues that add a tinge of magic to photos and videos so that the property can be bright, dreamy, sharp, or vintage.

Are you on a deadline to produce high-quality drone content for speedy production? We are excellent at exploring the entirety of the environment while envisioning a list of notable scenes to execute professional shots that captivate the utmost cinematography.

OTBx Air also prepares for the shots by snagging the right kits to last the entire shooting time. It is not rare for us to have more than one replacement, so we can choose, shoot, and refine the shots with little downtime. We have practical tips for getting started with our hired drone photography when you call our specialist on 617-804-1252.


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